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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What, exactly, do you do when you come to cook for me?

A: We do it ALL! We do all the grocery shopping, bring all the pots, pans and utensils necessary to prepare your meals. We prepare and then package your cuisine in containers designed for your choice of service? We leave you a complete menu and warming instructions. Then we clean up after ourselves and even take the trash with. The only sign that we've been there is the wonderful aromas and the mouth watering cuisine left behind for you to enjoy!


Q: What if I'm to busy to be home for my Personal Chef?

A: EASY! We can deliver the cuisine to you already prepared!

All you need to do is let us know when a convenient delivery time

is and we will bring your cuisine cooked and ready for the oven or freezer!


Q: Is the quality or quantity different if you delivery my food prepared?

A: No, there is no difference in the cuisine, care, quality or quantity!

the only difference is more convenience for you!!


Q: What if we have a picky eater?

A: Not a problem. Just tell your Paragon Chef who will customize any

recipe to suit your palate.


Q: I love spicy foods, can you cook for a fire-eater?

A: ABSOLUTELY! Hot or mild, we customize the

service to suit your taste buds.


Q: Do you have desserts?

A: Paragon Chef has Key Lime Cheesecake, Raspberry Crowned

Chocolate Torte and much, much more. Nearly every one is freezable too!


Q: Is there a long term commitment?

A: NO! This service is designed for you to have the cuisine

you want, when you want it. Just schedule your cook

date or delivery with us when you are ready. We can come

back every week, 2 weeks or whenever you just need a break!


Q: Do you have any other services besides

being my personal chef?

A: Yes. Paragon Chef can prepare your dinner party menu, catering

for up to 40, desserts, gift baskets and other special occasion needs. We

also cater to post operative and recuperating patients, new mothers and

mothers to be.

Special dietary requirements and restrictions?

See our "Special Needs" page for more info.